The ultimate guide to reusing your candle mad tin.

If you’re candle mad like us, I have no doubt that you will have quite a collection of empty candle jars and tins that have all burnt out and collecting dust somewhere. There may be a small amount of wax left at the bottom of the old container and you are wondering how to best remove this from inside...I am going to help you with this and some ideas on how to repurpose them.

How To Clean Leftover Wax From Your Candle Container.

The Freezer Method

As the wax will become brittle when frozen this method will make it really easy to remove from your container. Place the container into your freezer for an hour, once the wax has frozen use a knife to gently break up and pry out the remaining wax. Then you can simply use a paper towel and some warm water to wipe out any leftover debris.

The Wash & Go Method

This is the simplest method and will work well with our candles made of soy wax. Remove as much leftover wax as possible with a knife. Then fill the container with soap and hot water from your tap, let it sit for a minute and then skim off any wax that has risen to the top and dispose of in your bin as you do not want to pour this down the sink as it could cool and solidify causing a blockage. Give it a scrub out and voila you are done!

Things To Bear In Mind

Don’t Overheat

You should be careful not to overheat glass containers. There is a risk that the glass will explode if the jar gets too hot. In fact, both freezing the wax and pouring boiling water into the jar run a great risk of shattering the jar so only use those methods if you are sure the container can handle it.

Remove the Wick Holder

Once you have removed all the wax, don’t forget to take out the wick holder. If its stuck down, just slip a sharp knife underneath and pop it out. A little boiling water will usually help if it doesn’t want to come out easily.

Keep the old wax

Any wax leftover that is removed with your knife can be used in a wax burner/melter to make sure that you are getting the most from every last bit of your scented candle.

Turn Candle Jars Into Plant Pots

Your used candle mad tins are the perfect size to become your latest leafy addition’s new home. I love adding cacti and small succulents to my tins to repurpose them but you could pretty much use any plant even artificial If like me you forget to water them! Our candle tins are great for using as planters as you will not see the soil through the container and bring a fun element to your usual plant pots. You could also use amber or coloured candle containers as all will be great when growing in water.

Tidy Your Vanity Area

There's nothing better than keeping your beauty space organised and upcycling your favourite scented candle containers. Larger candle containers make perfect holders for make-up brushes, eyeliners and pencils, while small candle containers make great places to keep cotton wool pads or hair pins.

Pencil Pots For Your Desk

Your unlikely to find us at our desk without one of our scented candles or wax melts lit, so it makes sense that when all the wax has been used up we would recycle the candle tin to make pretty pots for our stationary!

Let me know how you repurpose your candle containers

Rach x

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