How to find your Candle-Mad scent

When it comes to buying or gifting candles and wax melts the most important factor is typically choosing the best scents.

How often have you raised a candle to your nose to smell the scent, its one of the most important decisions in determining which candle to choose.

Scents play an important role in our lives and we are often drawn to a particular type of scent. It all begins in our olfactory system where our brain makes fascinating connections between scent, memory and emotions. Did you know that we as humans can discriminate a scent among more than a trillion different scents?

With this capability, it’s not surprising that candle fragrance is one of the most defining characteristics of a candle and why so many of us enjoy filling our homes with candles and wax melts.

Scented candles can pull from our memories and build on our emotions adding to the mood in our space just as much as music and colour.

While you can go about sniffing candles until you’ve overloaded your olfactory system, there is a better way.

Choosing a scented candle is similar to choosing a personal fragrance such as perfume or aftershave, it always a personal choice and what may appeal to you will not appeal to someone else.

One of the first things to consider when choosing your candle or wax melts is where you plan to use it.

For example, the size of the space you plan to use a candle in, you might not want to use a very overpowering scent in a small place but in a larger family room the same scent would smell lovely.

A lavender scented candle would be relaxing in the bedroom but in the kitchen it could interfere with cooking smells.

A citronella candle would be perfect for the garden and kitchen to prevent flies and mosquito's but may be too overpowering in a relaxing living room.

So yes it is perfectly ok to have a different candle in every room depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create and the size of the room, well that's how I like to explain my candle addiction to my husband!

Time to choose your best candle scent –So the four main categories are Fresh, Floral, Woody and Exotic and I have tried to incorporate all of these when creating my different candles and wax melts.

We all tend to naturally gravitate to a certain scent out of this category which may remind you of a time in your life or your sense of style.

As each candle and wax melt in my collection have a story behind the fragrance you will see that I describe not only the scent of the fragrance but also the memories it will evoke.





Thank you for reading and I hope this guide helps you in choosing your next candle scent, please let me know if you have any fragrance requests or questions as I am looking to expand the fragrance range.

Rach x

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